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Different Types Of Website

Different Types Of Website

When considering what type of website your company needs there are a few different options with different growth opportunities and price brackets. For businesses across Belfast and Ireland your website design choice could make or break your business.  One of the most important components of a website is knowing whats best for your industry. Some website types work best for different industries and your website choice can also be dependent on your budget, Loompus offer expert advice on choosing the best website design for your company. There are a few major types of web design for consideration and Loompus are experts in creating and advising which is best for your organisation.


A basic website gives you the ability to get a digital presence without breaking the bank. A basic website could be a simple landing page with your company contact details to ensure that people searching for your organisation online can find you and not a competitor. Alternately you can get a simple website that takes your customers through a short journey about your business or showcases what your organisation has on offer.


An interactive website gives your customers a way to engage with your website. This interaction could be through a number of different methods bespoke to your industry. An interactive website keeps your audience engaged with your content and can be a great way to generate leads and tell your business message without losing your audiences attention span. An interactive website can be incorporated within a number of different industries and offers your organisation a way to stand out against competitors, Loompus are experts in affordable web design and are always here for advice if you’re unsure of what website design would be best for your company.


An advanced website offers bespoke features that are unique to your organisation and no other business. An advanced website can give your organisation a great unique brand image and gives your organisation a great digital presence making customers come back regular to check your website out for new features. Advanced websites can cost a considerable amount due to the bespoke features however if the budget is available the website will pay for itself with the internet traffic it creates.


E-commerce website costs can vary depending on the size of your catalogue of products and how unique you want your website to look. However e-commerace websites give your organisation a new method to increase sales and opens up your company to national and international trading. E-commerce websites are a great way for your organisation to expand and increase sales. An e-commerce website has a high ROI and can be a great business growth opportunity.