Before we break down each of the costs associated with purchasing our services we’d like to highlight that when clients want to personalize their order with us and add a variety of different services that we specialize in into one bundle we will apply discount. We can’t factor this discount into individual prices so for the best possible price you’re better getting in contact with us via email. We must also highlight that some projects might take longer and require specific bespoke elements to be added which could potentially bring the costs up. All costs on the Loompus website are subject to change and our pricing figures are just guesstimate figures to give you a rough idea of how much you could be potentially spending when using are experienced services at Loompus. We also offer a variety of monthly packages that can save your organisation money and time rather than constantly paying the costs of outsourcing material or paying a marketing person a salary you could benefit from our pay monthly packages.

What we offer

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