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Story Marketing For Small Businesses

Story Marketing

Story marketing is a concept used by a lot of big organisations in the marketing industry to connect with consumers on a personal level. The concept behind story marketing is to rather than focus on statistics and product facts when marketing the product but to focus on creating a story around the product that appeals to your target market. Story marketing in the early years was confined to television advertisement which was out of a lot of smaller business budget ranges; with the growth of online video sharing platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. the idea of story marketing can now be Incorporated by smaller organisations without breaking their budget.


Recording a video can be done at the touch of a smartphone. Video has come a long way since the traditional methods of having to shoot big budget production for simple advertisements and any business no matter how big or small can make use of video marketing. Video marketing can play a huge role in story marketing for small businesses. You can create videos at the touch of a button and share them on social networking sites with the opportunity of going viral and creating massive brand exposure. Loompus provide post production editing, this includes both text and voice over prices depending on your budget. We also offer access to stock music and sound effects etc.  Loompus have all the tools to help you create story marketing for small businesses through video editing. Video marketing allows you to create a story around your product and put the audience in the characters shoes. This is quite a unique way to market your product and depending on your target market story marketing can be  huge success. Story marketing also has the ability to bring excitement and fun to products that lack the whoa factor.


Loompus have also began expanding into animations and creating animations that help your organisation with story marketing for small businesses. Animations can be a great low cost way to create characters or mascots for your organisation. Animation software is constantly developing bringing animation overhead costs down. This means that more organisations can create video animations at low costs using stock animations, Loompus pride ourselves in keeping the costs as low as possible for our clients and have developed partnerships and skills with a variety of animation software to bring you amazing story marketing results at a low cost. Story marketing through animations can be a fun way to create characters for your brand and keep audiences engaged with your story marketing productions.