What is Branding?

Branding is a crucial part of business! Branding is how we distinguish one service or product from the next. Having a great brand doesn’t necessarily mean being the best product or service on the market, it just means being the best preserved product or service on the market! Branding can be created in many different ways; such as slogans, logos, colours or even a certain style and there’s many more! Have a think about some of the brands you’re using right now, everything around you has some sort of branding! What made you choose the clothes you’re wearing, the drink you’re drinking or even the device you’re reading this off! Choosing the right method of branding can be crucial for business success.


Creating a slogan can make or break a brand, both new and existing businesses can get amazing results from having a business slogan! Some brand success can be off the back of an amazing slogan alone, having a slogan that people can’t stop saying generates free word of mouth advertising which is amazing for both new and existing businesses! There’s a lot of science behind a brand slogan and creating a slogan takes more than an afternoon of brainstorms, creating a great slogan can take weeks, months or even years! Thankfully here at Loompus we never take that long, but we always do our research! Loompus preform inital slogan research on completion before even coming up with our first idea slogan for a business! After we undergo our secondary research, we then begin creating ideas of slogans before narrowing down the best ideas and running them past you! After we run the slogans past you we choose the best few signs that you’re happy with and run some small primary research to engage with your target market.


Choosing the right logo is crucial to a company. Having a logo is what makes you different from your computer! I’m sure we both know some people who buy certain foods, drinks, clothes or whatever just for the brand logo! There are so many different logo styles and it can be really overwhelming choosing the right logo for your business! Here at Loompus we specialize in a variety of logos and help to choose the right logo for your brand! We conduct in depth research into your market and investigate competitor brands to see what would be best to both distinguish your company from your competition, but to ensure success. We’re experts in creating professional, fun, unique, mascots and pretty much every logo style! Get in contact with Loompus today for a free consultation.


Some of the most influencaional brands have very distinguishing colours to them! Choosing the right colour to base your branding around can be crucial to success, especially in the Northern Ireland markets due to our ”sensitivity” to certain colours. To ensure success with conduct both in depth primary and secondary research throughout our branding process.


There are many different styles and tones a brand can take on so it’s quite hard to settle on the best branding style of your business. However, here at Loompus we’re experts in in branding and have expertise working on a wide range of branding tones from professional to fun and everything in between.