Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Ireland is a growing marketing tool used by organisations to help build brand image, trust, sales and traffic. Influencer Marketing Belfast has been overlooked in recent years but times are changing and traditional marketing methods are dying out and organisations need to leave their marketing comfort zones and venture into new methods. Infleuncer marketing can be a cost effective method that requires no production costs and offers a high return on investment; the only costs associated with this form of marketing is the initial cost for post/share depending on the arrangement that Loompus organize based on which infleuncer would be best for your organisation. Influencer marketing allows your brand to align with social media influencers that allows you to market your product to their network without their audience feeling the annoyance of traditional advertisements and wanting to skip past the ad or watching it without taking any of the marketing message in.  The benefits of this marketing technique are:

  • High Return on investment
  • Unique Advertising Method
  • New Marketing Technique to Belfast & Ireland
  • Low Costs
  • You are only matched with suitable influencers to your market
  • Loompus provides a safe middle ground to ensure that Influencers preform their part to the right standard and we also ensure that influencers receive payment  in a timely manner

Influencer Marketing Price

The prices for this type of marketing can varie quite rapidly depending on your niche, brand and the individual influencer. Below is going to be a rough costing structure to give you an example of how much your organisation could be costed based on influencer size:

  • 500-2999 Followers – £6.99-£79.99 – This package is good for niche markets and good for reaching a specific audience based on the influencers theme.  (price varies based on frequency of posts etc.)
  • 3000-7999 Followers – £29.99-£199.99 – This package is good for reaching out to a specific audience that are following the influencer (price varies based on frequency of posts etc.)
  • 8000-15000 Followers – £129.99-£799.99 – This package is generally good for businesses who are looking to drive sales and footfall to their company website or store. (price varies based on frequency of posts etc.)
  • 15001+ – £299-£2999 – This package is ideal for big brands looking to venture into new markets or to draw more attention from a younger audience to their brand. (price varies based on frequency of posts etc.)

All of these prices are subject to go to up and down based on inquiry. Loompus provide analytics and data of our influencer network during business talks. We also endeavor to ensure the best possible price for influencers and companies alike so prices can fluctuate and deals may be cancelled at any point. Strict terms and conditions apply to ensure protection for both the brand and the influencer.

Want To Join Our Influencer Network?

Loompus are always looking to expand our Influencer Network across Belfast & Ireland. If you want to get in touch or learn some more information about becoming a Loompus influencer contact us today. We aim to continually expand our network across Ireland and Belfast and wish to take on influences of all categories and sizes. Contact Us Here. (Please note age restrictions apply.)