How We Give

Here at Loompus we always strive to give back to our local community, to us our local community is not only within Belfast but also across the whole of Ireland. A few times each year when we have the time we give back to local community groups, charities and Non-Profits by preforming Pro bono work depending on their organisational needs. Although we have mentioned before that we offer special rates for charitable, community and non-profit organisations when time permits we aim to do some free of charge work for smaller organisation that haven’t got the funds to invest in fancy graphic design work, website design or the time to invest in training with digital marketing. The reason why we give out this free aid is to help small non-profit organisations to grow and realize the potential that comes with digital platforms. Our aim is to empower organisations across Belfast and Ireland to go digital no matter what their size.

Contact Us

If you belong to or know a small local organisation struggling to make a difference and think that Loompus could help please get in touch. We aim to offer small non-profit organisations web design, graphic design and marketing aid. When getting in contact with us please bare in mind that we are a busy organisation and our Pro bono work is only conducted when time permits. If you can afford to do so we highly recommend hiring our services at our greatly discounted non-profit rate to avoid the disappointment of not obtaining our professional Loompus services.

Please keep in mind that this is a pro bono offer from Loompus and we reserve the right to cancel and refuse work at any stage. Also keep in mind that we reserve the right to cancel this offer if at any stage we deem that your organisation has the financial capability to procure our services by paid means and is exploiting our charitable nature.