Graphic Design Prices 

Our graphic design prices Belfast and our graphic prices Ireland are affordable and flexible. The prices on this page will give your organisation a rough idea of how much graphic design work costs from Loompus. However, all prices are subject to change depending on your requirements as no two projects are the same. Our graphic design work has been published around Belfast and Ireland and our clients are always satisfied by our attention to detail and understanding of their needs. Our expertise in the marketing field influences how we design graphics and as a result we have a better understanding of how  to get through to your target audience better than other freelance and graphic design companies making us the best graphic designers in Belfast and the best graphic designers in Ireland.

Types of Work and Prices

The graphic design terminology includes a lot of different types of design work. Our expertise here at Loompus is based around creating bespoke graphics for affordable prices and all our work includes close communication to ensure your demands are met.  Loompus can create a wide range of different types of graphic designs from sophistication to fun, brochures to brand logos, website banners to physical posters, flyers to displays, infographics to social media posts and everything in between. Our Loompus graphic design prices are the best around Belfast and Ireland and we promise a price match or beat if you find similar experienced graphic designers with better prices than us, this includes freelance graphic designers and company prices.

  • Logo Design – £14.97 – 39.99*
  • Poster Design / Flyer Design – £19.99  -£37.99*
  • Website Banner / Social Media Banner – £12.97 – £27.99*
  • Infographics  / Brochures -£17.99 – £37.99*
  • Displays / Branded Items – £9.99 – £49.99

*All these prices are subject to change depending on the work and design. Depending on the amount of drafts the prices can raise to incorporate the additional hours of work. Depending on the amount of content that we have to write for your organisation prices can raise also. All prices seen are just rough guesstimates.