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Social Media Marketing Strategy Belfast

Social Media Marketing Strategy Belfast

Creating a social media marketing strategy Belfast is an important aspect of your business development and cannot be ignored regardless of what industry you’re in. Social media marketing Belfast can be an amazing way to reach a digital audience without spending a penny on online advertising. Almost all of your clients or customers will use some sort of social media on a daily basis which means you already have an opportunity to grow your social media audience from the get go.  The next time you’re interacting with a customer or client ask them to connect with your business on whatever social media platform your Belfast business is using. Using your already established traditional communication channels with your customers or clients is the best way to launch  your digital marketing Belfast presence through social media marketing Belfast.

Once you’ve chosen your social media marketing platforms based on your business type as discussed in this Loompus article  and started encouraging customers to engage with your social media platforms through your traditional communication channels you can begin developing your social media marketing strategy Belfast.

The first thing you should focus on for your social media marketing strategy is defining your frequency of uploads and delegating how much time and effort you can afford to pump into social media marketing on a weekly basis. After defining how much time you are willing to devote to social media marketing each week you can then decide how many social media marketing platforms you want to invest in based on your time devotion. Remember that you want to keep fresh content going up on each of your social media platforms at least twice or three times per week depending on your market so your chosen social media platforms should taken into consideration your time devotion. Once you have outlined your time and chosen social media platforms you should begin looking into the different types of content you can use online such as simple text posts, videos, gifs, live videos etc. and make a decision on which would be best for your business to use in rotation frequency depending on your target market and product.

Once you’ve outlined what type of content and marketing platforms you’re going to focus on you should begin looking to create posts based on seasonal changes, viral stories, business developments and marketing trends to engage with customers on your social media platform. The type of social media marketing Belfast you put out on your chosen social media platforms can depend on the time of year, whats happening in the world of business, what celebrities are getting up to and what’s happening in your business on a day to day basis. Staying on top of current events is the key to having a successful social media marketing strategy and ensuring that you don’t invest in too many social media platforms is also going to key for your success. Nothing is worse than a company that constantly puts up the same posts across two or three social media platforms as users who follow you on each of these platforms will become fed up and feel like they are being spammed. If you’d like some tailored social media advice or an social media marketing audit preformed by Loompus contact us today.