Search Engine Optimization

Search What?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a must learn for businesses both traditional and digital to grow their marketing presence online! Search engine optimization is quite an extensive process that requires research, analysis and foresight. SEO can be conducted in a number of ways however there isn’t an exact formula for success. SEO does involve a vast amount of research through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. and their analytics.


So, SEO is search engine optimization and involves search engines, but it goes much further than that. There’s a vast amount of effort that goes on in the background to create effective results from SEO such as link building, effective content writing and keyword placement. As well as creating search engine enriched content for digital marketing results you must ensure that the everything is readable to ensure that the reader enjoys the content and comes back for more. Think of it this way, what would be the point be in advertising a new cafe and inviting everyone for them to show up and there’s no food or drink? That’s what happens when people focus to much on writing the content to look great for search engines without taking the reader into account.


Think of this article for example, hopefully you’re enjoying reading the content and it’s search engine optimized throughout! So it might seem like hard work however it’s totally doable! Here at Loompus we pride ourselves in being digital marketing expertise and have the skills to create both SEO and content rich material! All our websites come with built in readable search engine optimization to get effective results for all our business partners. We also offer ongoing SEO enriched posts for affordable prices as an add-on when customers are buying websites and marketing packages. If you’d like to learn anything else about SEO please feel free to get in touch with us for a free business consultation and we’ll try and help you out!