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How to Market Online

How to market online

Marketing online is quite different compared to traditional marketing. One of the hardest realities about marketing online is the lack of analytical data to track how your marketing campaigns are doing across all of your online marketing platforms. Yes you can see how many comments or likes you got on Facebook, yes you can see how many people opened your email and yes you can see how many unique visitors clicked on your website etc.. However, something that you can’t see is who opened your email before lunch and then based on seeing that email decided to then search for your website on Google, Yahoo or Bing after lunch which then lead to the customer reading reviews on your Facebook page, checking your company tweets or watching your Youtube demos and then finally deciding to call your organization to have a chat about products. Bringing everything together to see which marketing is working best is the biggest issue with marketing online and is one of the biggest frustrations for digital marketers and can be even more frustration for people with no digital marketing experience trying to market their product online. Luckily when people across Belfast and Ireland choose Loompus for our expertise in digital marketing solutions and our marketing services we teach them how to access and track as much information as possible about their campaigns to give them peace of mind that we are the best digital marketing company Belfast and we aim to not only provide a product or service but to empower and learn our clients how to market online.

Getting your message across

One of the best things about digital marketing is the flexibility in marketing techniques that can be used online to engage with an audience. There are blogs, videos, gifs, influencers, web demos, email, live chat, pictures, live videos, live Q&A sessions and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day there are new technologies and marketing methods emerging online which gives marketers even more innovative ways  to get their messages across to their target audience. Although the sheer amount of techniques seems great it also brings issues as choosing the correct method of marketing can be hard for organisations and especially if budgets are tight. Choosing the wrong marketing methods can end up costing your organisation a lot of time and resources in the long run.

Choosing the right methods

Not every business is quite the same and even though two businesses might operate in the same market their targeted market segment could be different. For example look at the fast food industry, everyone in the market are all looking something to eat but there is that much variety in food that all the marketing material needs to be different to attract different customers with different tastes. Choosing how to create the best marketing Belfast and choosing the best marketing Ireland could be completely different and require great attention to detail. Even after choosing a targeted market segment your organisation must choose the best platform to market this material to your customer for the best results. If you ever need any advice or help creating marketing content Loompus are experts in creating digital marketing for Belfast and Ireland and our experts are always happy to help you learn how to market online.