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Facebook Marketing Small Business

Facebook Marketing Small Business

This article is going to cover some marketing techniques that small businesses across Belfast and Ireland can begin incorporating to make their digital marketing more appealing. Facebook marketing is quite tricky to achieve success in. Facebook marketing small business can be a bit overwhelming for people operating their company profiles that have little experience in marketing online. Social Media marketing is done by almost every company these days in a wide range of areas and your organisation could be feeling left out; so you’ve been left in charge of creating content on your social media pages and If you feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end don’t worry here are some tips for Facebook marketing small business.

Know Your Audience 

One of the most important aspects for consideration no matter what platform you are marketing on is that you understand your audience. Target markets react different depending on the material you put online, so to find success you need to know your target market. Defining your target market is always a good idea before posting anything online. If you find it hard to think about who your target market is just think about the last few people to buy your products or services and build a profile around them. Have a think about what you think they would react best to online?

Getting your message across

It’s always crucial in any marketing material you put online for Facebook marketing small business that your message is clear and effective. Before posting anything online ask a few people around you what they think, send it to your friends to get opinions or ask your boss for their opinion. This is especially good for the first few months operating on  social media to ensure that everyone is on board with your social media strategy. It’s also always important to constantly revisit your social media strategy to ensure that it’s still relevant.When you’ve determined what your goals are for Facebook marketing small business then you can begin thinking of creative ways to get your marketing message across.

Simple Text Post

It’s always important to ensure that you have a wide range of content on your Facebook page with a wide range of content methods across your page. However a simple Facebook post is always effective as long as it’s short, straight to the point, shareable or tells a story. Going viral is what everyone wants and even simple Facebook posts can go viral across the internet and skyrocket your business to new heights and generate brand awareness and potential leads which is what Facebook marketing small business is all about.

Text to Image

If you find yourself constantly posting to many wordy posts you can always change things up and create text to image pictures. You can create nice sophisticated text to images through software like Photoshop however you can also do it online with a variety of software options out there with a simple google search ‘text to image software’ which should bring up a wide range of options. There is also the option to use this text to image converter inside Facebook now making it even easier for you to create fresh content easily.


Gif marketing is a fun way to get your message across and connect with younger audiences. Gifs allow your organisation to use short often looped video footage to connect with your audience over something funny. Gifs are usually quite good with connecting with younger audiences although as the populations continue to age the ages of people who use gifs will continue to rise.


Video marketing has been a leading method of advertising and marketing for a long period of time. Video advertising has gotten easier to implement as time goes on with a variety of software available  to use at the touch of a button. Formerly something only professionals could do video marketing has become easier and easier to implement within your social media marketing. You can do a quick video around your office to allow customers or clients an insight into what goes on behind the screens, you could record a client testimony of how your organisation has helped them throughout the years, you could create animations, you could create short looping videos to engage with audiences the possibilities are endless. Facebook marketing small business has gotten even easier with the new live video options which allows you to live record videos from your phone straight to a live Facebook audience.

Further remarks

The options for Facebook marketing small business will continually change across the world with the constant innovations across technology so ensuring that your stay on top of new and exciting features of Facebook marketing will ensure your success on the platform.