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Business Growth

Business Growth 

Business growth can be measured in a number of different ways. Traditionally speaking business growth could be measured by how many employees your company has, how many sales your company makes or how much turnover you make etc. However with the growth of digital methods things have changed substantially for  businesses. The Business growth Belfast and business growth Ireland has to get ahead of the times and organisations around Belfast and Ireland have to begin looking at how digital platforms can help their business growth potential and learn how to measure business growth online.

Social Media

One of the biggest ways small business Belfast and small business Ireland can grow their business online is through social media. Social Media marketing can be a cheap and effective way for your organisation to grow an online presence. There are a few social media channel which your organisation can pursue a presence on and the best social media channel will depend on your target market. If you are a visual heavy company like a cafe or coffee shop then Instagram might best for you, if you’re operating in a B2B environment then LinkedIn might be your best channel and if you’re in between both Facebook or Twitter might be your best social media channels to pursue. If time permits you can create a presence on a few social media platforms although it is advised to produce unique content across all your platforms rather than rinsing and repeating the same posts across all the platforms making you come across as spam and losing the interest of your followers. You can also implement paid advertising on these platforms if funds permit. You can measure your business growth on social media in a few different ways. You can measure your likes and followers and compare them week by week to determine growth. You can then measure how active your followers are engaging with your organisation through comments, likes, retweets and shares etc to determine your business growth online and if you’re creating customer value.


Getting a website up and running is one of the best ways for business growth Belfast and business growth Ireland. Websites can work amazing for business growth for every type of business. If you sell things in a physical store you can start an e-commerce business or an order and pick up business online. You can begin crawling on google and other search engines for relevant search terms for your organisation through search engine optimization (SEO). You can connect and keep customers and potential customers up-to-date with your organisation, you can produce a blog to connect with more customers, you can advertise online through Pay-per-click advertisements (PPC), you can create a bespoke interactive website but above all you create your presence online and get the foundations to generate leads for your business growth.  Business growth online can be monitored by analytics and cookies. You can see who is visiting your website by their location and how they got to your website by search engines, links, referrals and social media etc. You can monitor your daily activity through your website analytics, such as who clicked through a few of your blogs, who clicked on your store items, who read your terms and conditions etc. depending on how many and what web pages you have! Creating a website is like setting the digital foundations for your business growth online and should be done as soon as possible. Here at Loompus we help businesses create affordable and effective websites to generate leads and help their business growth Belfast and business growth Ireland.


Email marketing has been around for many years and continues to be one of the best ways to connect with both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) clients. Email marketing allow you to send out mass amount of emails to targeted market segments with the touch of a button. There are also a number of email marketing services online that allow you to track business growth through your email analytics. You can track how many opens your email has to everyone it was sent too and how many times an individual opened your email to track weather your email marketing campaign was effective and helped your business growth.

(These are just some of the many business growth opportunities that online platforms have, here at Loompus we specialize in marketing, digital marketing, website design, email marketing, graphic design and many many more ways to help your business growth Belfast and business growth Ireland.)