Traditional & Digital Marketing

Like a lot of areas of business, marketing is quite substantial and it’s quite hard to put a price on things. Here at Loompus we offer traditional marketing and digital marketing Belfast and Ireland. Our traditional and digital marketing prices are quite hard to determine due to the complexity behind each campaign and how unique each client’s campaign will be. We never rinse and repeat any campaign from one customer to the next to ensure a unique experience is undertaken with each customer journey we create for our clients. With that being said we do incorporate the same principles across different campaigns that have worked for similar markets in the past with a new creative spin on things to keep the campaign fresh.

Types of marketing and pricing 

The types of digital marketing and traditional marketing that we conduct at Loompus is quite varied. We provide digital marketing Belfast and digital marketing  Ireland. We usually conduct traditional marketing Belfast however we can also incorporate and facilitate traditional marketing Ireland also.  Our marketing services include but are not limited to:

  • Email Marketing Bronze (Design & Advice) – £147-£249
  • Email Marketing Silver (Design & Advice & Software Recommendation + Education) £299-£499
  • Email Marketing Gold (Design & Advice & Content & Software Rec. + Edu. & Monitoring)£399-£699
  • Email Marketing Platinum (We do everything for you) Monthly – £99-£999 (depending on size and volume of emails.)
  • Exhibition, Trade Show, Presentations etc. Planning – £99-£499 (+Budget for items etc.)
  • Website Content – SEO (search engine optimisation), blogging etc. – £49-£499
  • Website Content – SEO (search engine optimisation), blogging etc. Monthly – £49- £399 (depending on workload etc.)
  • Magazine, Press releases, Tendering, Print Advert Campaigns etc. £99-£299

These are just some of the marketing material packages Loompus create across Belfast and Ireland. We also offer a lot more of our services on a monthly bases not listed above. Choosing Loompus as your marketing company on a monthly bases can save you from paying expensive marketing salary costs. This is ideal if your organisation is not needing as much frequent marketing content and only require marketing material going out a few times a month. All prices are subject to change and are to be seen as guesstimates only.