Website Design Belfast – ACT-NI.CO.UK The web design Belfast that we created for ACT NI was created as part of our discounted cheap website design services for Belfast charities. We created the ACT NI website with search engine optimization included to provide them with some digital marketing depth to continually enhance their digital presence. We’re also educating key staff members with the necessary training to …

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What is the best Social Media for Marketing Belfast?

What is Social Media Marketing Belfast? Social media marketing is making use of social media platforms to market your products, services and anything to do with your brand to consumers and potential consumers through a digital marketing means. Social media marketing has grown dramatically over the past few years and according to reports by Statista the figure is set to …

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Social Media Marketing Strategy Belfast

Social Media Marketing Strategy Belfast Creating a social media marketing strategy Belfast is an important aspect of your business development and cannot be ignored regardless of what industry you’re in. Social media marketing Belfast can be an amazing way to reach a digital audience without spending a penny on online advertising. Almost all of your clients or customers will use …

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Belfast Directory

Belfast Directory Belfast directory is a new budget alternate to website design Belfast that Loompus have began investing in to allow local organisations across the city the option to get online and get control over a digital marketing platform for a fraction of the cost of web design Belfast. The Belfast Directory website will allow organisations and businesses across the …

Belfast Directory – Cheap Website Alternate

Belfast Directory  A recent investment from the Loompus brand landed us with the Belfast Directory domain. Loompus have the ambition to create a cheap alternate to websites to help boost local businesses across the city and help them to create a digital presence. The idea behind the Belfast Directory investment is to allow local businesses and organisations around every area …

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Different Types Of Website

Different Types Of Website When considering what type of website your company needs there are a few different options with different growth opportunities and price brackets. For businesses across Belfast and Ireland your website design choice could make or break your business.  One of the most important components of a website is knowing whats best for your industry. Some website …

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Story Marketing For Small Businesses

Story Marketing Story marketing is a concept used by a lot of big organisations in the marketing industry to connect with consumers on a personal level. The concept behind story marketing is to rather than focus on statistics and product facts when marketing the product but to focus on creating a story around the product that appeals to your target …

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ACT Initiative

ACT Initiative Loompus have recently began expanding our website design packages to tailor to Non-profit charitable organisations. Our first project through the charity web design  focus is with ACT Initiative. The organisation have been running with the one website for a number of years now designed by a freelance web designer that has become quite dated. Following our initial meeting …

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Cheap Website

Cheap Website A Cheap website can be an effective way to begin bringing your organisation online. A Cheap website can be up and running within a few weeks and can be easily search engine optimized to begin crawling onto Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Loompus offer affordable web design solutions to match all budgets. Our website design costs …

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Business Growth

Business Growth  Business growth can be measured in a number of different ways. Traditionally speaking business growth could be measured by how many employees your company has, how many sales your company makes or how much turnover you make etc. However with the growth of digital methods things have changed substantially for  businesses. The Business growth Belfast and business growth …