Belfast Directory 

Loompus have recently acquired the Belfast Directory domain name with the goal of creating affordable and easy to use search engine optimized web pages for our clients. Loompus will be offering a budgeted alternate to websites in the form of a web page on our directory site. This innovative solution has been brought into motion to allow small organisations a way to gain a digital presence and offers organisations a cheap alternate to web design. The Belfast directory website will feature a massive list of organisations across Belfast with an easy to use user interface giving both visitors and clients a great platform to find each other easily. The website will allow companies and organisations to take control and create a digital presence with ease and without the massive price tag. The Belfast directory website will ensure that all companies and organisations have an online presence for a reduced rate compared to setting up your own website. Organisations can now get an online presence with our Belfast Directory allowing them to showcase what they do, who they are and how you can get in contact with them all for a cheap website price.  The Belfast Directory website also allows bigger organisations the opportunity to gain some search engine optimization aid from linking back to our domain for a cheap rate. Organisations who outgrow our Belfast Directory page and want to create their own website will also receive amazing Loompus support and discount of our web design belfast services. Loompus wants to aid small organisations, small businesses, non-profits, start-ups, charities and everything in between with a budgeted alternate to creating a website and allowing them to avoid the hefty price tag of web design, our prices are as follows:

  • Monthly payment plan – £4.99 Per Month
  • Yearly payment plan – £39.99 Per Year

Keep in mind that Loompus prices are subject to change depending on volume of visitors coming to our website. This will ensure that people searching for organisations on our website receive the best possible fast experience and having a flexi-price ensures that our website servers aren’t being overworked as we can increase speed as we grow. Loompus have no hidden charges and everything is upfront, you don’t have to pay hosting prices or domain prices etc. What you see is what you get.